An Economy that Works for All of Us

On the campaign, I am talking a lot about investments here at home because I want to ensure that our region gets its fair share. But I want to be clear, I do not support an income tax and will not support one in Olympia.  Instead of more taxes on work or property, we can fund our schools and invest in local priorities by closing tax breaks for the wealthy and corporate loopholes that leave money on the table — making our tax system more fair for all of us.

I also want to ensure that our local small businesses have the tools and support they need to thrive and create more jobs, that we are always defending the rights of workers, and that we invest in the infrastructure projects that benefit our rural communities – including broadband.

Opportunity for All Our Kids

As a state leader with the Community and Technical Colleges and longtime workforce development professional at Grays Harbor College, I have worked to support students and develop programs that assist workers in an ever-changing economy. I am committed to fully and fairly funding local schools so students in our rural communities have access to the same resources and opportunities as students across our state.

I will also focus on expanding job training, work-based learning opportunities, and apprenticeships so students at every level have career pathway options.

Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights & Keeping Kids Safe

I was raised with a love of hunting and firm belief in Second Amendment rights. I come from a long line of responsible gun owners and will pass that on to my own daughters. I believe the same independent spirit that attracted us to this region also allows us to stand up against extremes on both sides of the debate and find common sense solutions to protect our rights and the safety of our kids and communities.  I do support responsible gun laws that prevent abusers and individuals struggling with mental illness from getting guns.

Affordable Health Care

Healthcare costs are out of control and access to quality healthcare facilities and providers are lacking in our communities. That is especially important in our rural district where small businesses and individuals struggle with finding affordable health care coverage. In Olympia, I will work to reduce healthcare costs, expand mental health coverage, improve access to providers and facilities across our district, and stand up for comprehensive care for women, children, and veterans.